Visit Hualien, the most stunny nature place of Taiwan, do not miss this special chance to camp beside mountain, ocean, or wild river.

Sleeping under sky with full of stars at night, opening eyes with amzing sun raising next morning, you may make the dream come true with us.
We prepare all camping equipments and local growth foods. Let's enjoy cooking fun over fire.



  • 2~3 day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • In-depth experience of Taiwan nature.
  • Sharing wild life knowlage and skills.
  • Combinable with River Tracing, Hiking, Kayaking and other outdoor activities.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences.

Departure & Return

  • Pick up in Hualien City about am8:00 on Day1
  • Return to Hualien City about pm5:00 on Day2


  • Trasprotation from Hualien City to camp base.
  • Experienced and professional wild life guide.
  • All camping and sleeping equipments.
  • Simple shower after return to Hualien City.

Combinable with other outdoor activities.


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