After millions of years, the geography of Taroko Gorge still tell the story of its formation and cultural heritage.

Walking along Taroko old trails can see many special remains, let us share Taroko tribe stories with you.



  • One day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • Sharing lively and informative stories.
  • In-depth experience of Taiwan nature.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences.



1 Day Hiking Trip

  • Pick up in Hualien City about am7:00~8:00
  • Heading to trailhead of Lyushui, Little Zhuilu, Shakadang trail.
  • Return to Hualien City about pm4:00~5:00



Taroko National Park – Lyushui Trail – Xiaozhuilu Trail – Shakadang Trail – Hualien City



  • Trasprotation from Hualien City to trails.
  • Experienced and professional guide.



Please prepare hiking equipments which you need,
ex: backpack, clothes, shoses, etc. and including raincoat or unbrella.


 Lyushui Trail 
IMG_8830 copy.jpg

 Xiaozhuilu Trail 
IMG_9012 copy.jpg

 Shakadang Trail 
PA260136 copy.jpg

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