The Jiaming Lake (嘉明湖) where elevation of 3,310 meters is the second highest lake area in Taiwan.
You may image how beautiful it is from its name. People called it "Angel's teardrop" or "God's lost sapphire". 

In Bunun(one of Taiwanese indigenous people) language, Jiaming Lake is called "cidanumas buan",
meaning "Mirror of the moon". Old story said the lake was created by a meteor strike, but it actually a tarn
left over from the ice age and was created around 6-7000 years ago.  
3 day hiking trip to Jiaming lake will pass by two of "Taiwan 100 peaks(台灣百岳)". No.16 XiangYanShan(向陽山)
is elevation of 3,603 meters, No.28 SanChaShan(三叉山) is elevatio of 3,494 meters. The view on top is breathtaking. 

Day 1 (am11:00~)

  • Pick you up at Chishang(池上) train station in Taitung County.
  • Heading to Xiangyang Nation Forest Recreation Area(2,380m) after lunch.
  • Hiking about 4.3 kilometers from trailhead to Xiangyang Cabin(2,850m)
  • Stay overnight at Xiangyang Cabin for acclimating to the altitude.
  • Enjoy hot cooking dinner with locally grown food in nature environmnet.

Day 2

  • Set off on the trail after breakfast.
  • Pass by the Xiangyang famous tree, and an enormous landslide on the way up.
  • Having your favorite groceries as lunch on the trail.
  • Reach Jiaming Lake Cabin(3,347m) after hiking about 4.1 Kilometers.
  • Enjoy hot cooking dinner, Milky Way and seemingly millions of other stars.

Day 3 (~pm4:00)

  • Get up early and heading for Jiaming Lake with small backpack under sun raising.
  • Visit glamorous Jiaming Lake and stay for a while.
  • Return to Jiaming Lake Cabin and carry all your stuff back down to Siangyang Cabin.
  • Keep down to trail head, and we will drive you to Kuanshan(關山) train station in Taitung County.



Xiangyang National Forest Recreation Area (0K) – Xiangyang Cabin (4.3K)
– Jiaming Lake Hut (8.4K) – Jiaming Lake (13K)


  • Trasprotation from train station to Xiangyan.
  • Procedure of draw lots for 2 cabins and accommodation fee.
  • Two permits from National Park and Police organization.
  • Experienced and professional guide.
  • Insurance of Taiwan alpine hiking.
  • Meals: D1 Lunch+Dinner, D2 Breakfast+Dinner, D3 Breakfast.


  • Prepare your favorite groceries as D2 & D3 lunch. 
  • All your hiking equipments, ex: backpack, clothes, shoses, sleeping bag, etc. We will offer you a suggestion list.


  • Keep pink healthy and full energy for this 3 day alpine hiking, and prepare the best mood into wild place.
  • The trail is way to above elevation of 3,000 meters,please study about Altitude Sickness (AMS) early.
  • The Xiangyang cabin is very comfortable, has cool air and water source, well protected from the elements.
  • The Jiaming Lake cabin is a little crowded, has limited water source, but still a good place to rest and keep warm.






 Refer to Video about this tour : https://vimeo.com/227673169

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