It's 2 day hiking trip in Taroko Nation Park.
Dali-Datong are two traditional indigenous villages in Taroko National Park.
Dali village is around elevation of 915 metes, Taroko people has called it Xoxos, means many snakes. Datong village is around elevation of 1,128 meters, Taroko people has called it Skadang, means a molar tooth. There are few old Taroko people still live there. They keep the life which very beginning without electrical efficiency, like cook over fire, plant vegetables, live in log cabin. At night, only the moon among innumerable stars in the sky. We sit under the dazzling picture with Taroko Papa and enjoy delicious indigenous dinner after hot shower. At early morning, we will have fresh breakfast in front of cabin and watch amazing mountains aroud us.


  • Two day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • Trail and ecological guide from a local hiker.
  • Special indigenous cooking by Taroko Papa.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences.


  • Pick up in Hualien City about am8:00~9:00.
  • Heading to trailhead next to Tourist center of Taroko Gorge National Partk.
  • Hiking up and have lunch in the forest.
  • Reach Datong Village, then take a comfortable hot shower which cook via wood.
  • Dinner outdoor with night sky and wild life sound. 


  • Wake up in cabin and have breakfast outdoor with beautiful mountain view.
  • Visit an old church in Dali Village and have lunch.
  • Way down to trailhead, then you can clean yourself in restroom.
  • Return to Hualien City about pm4:00~5:00


  • Trasprotation from Hualien City to trailhead.
  • Admission from Police organization.
  • Locally food lunch and dinner on day1, breakfast and lunch on day2.
  • Experienced and professional guide.

Please prepare hiking equipments which you need, ex: backpack, clothes, shoses, etc. and including raincoat or unbrella.



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