Would you like to stay in a secret wild place over night? Let us have a River Tracing trip along a wild stream up to a beautiful waterfall which have 3 different levels. When sunshine come in the cave and spraying its magic on the waterfall, then you will know why it called Golden Waterfall. Not only enjoy a nice River Tracing experience, but also know more about geography of canyon from our guide's explanation. Swimming in a super clean wild stream with lots small wild fish in the morning, catching wild shrimp near camp in the night. Waterway & Diving are basic games. And we must mention that BBQ dinner made of locally grown food without too many flavoring for you tasting nature.


  • Two day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • In-depth experience of Taiwan nature.
  • Camping near wild stream, you may see beautiful view from open tent when you wake up.


Departure & Return

  • Pick up in Hualien City about am8:00 on Day1
  • Return to Hualien City about pm5:00 on Day2


  • Trasportation from Hualien City to entry of wild stream.
  • Professional river tracing guide.
  • Insurance of outdoor activity.
  • Wetsuits, Rope, Tent, Sleeping bags, Cooking utensils, Fishing tool, and Necessary Equipments
  • Meals: Lunch+BBQ Diner on Day1, Breakfast on Day2.
  • Simple shower after return to Hualien City.



 Refer to Video about this tour : https://youtu.be/Z5bM_q0lotw

  Contact us via IG / FB : "OnPro Outdoor"  

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