The Zhuilu Old Trail was a path once used by the Taroko tribe, though at its narrowest point just enough for a pair of feet. Then Japanese widened the trail to about 90 centimeters for Battle of Taroko to attack indigenous tribes. Until now, remains can still be seen of several tribal sites and outposts of the Japanese presence. Walking up this mountain trail you can look down this cliff as cars on the Central Cross-Island Highway appear quit small. Because the Zhuilu Old Trail has a maximum elevation of just 765 meters, though one section at 600 meters is only 60 centimeters wide,requiring everyone who travels on it to be quite brave.



  • One day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • Trail and ecological guide from a local hiker.
  • Hot cooking lunch with locally grown food in nature environmnet.
  • Flexibility to customize your itinerary to your own preferences.



1 Day Hiking Trip

  • Pick up in Hualien City about am6:00~7:00
  • Heading to trailhead at Swallo Grotto area of Taroko Gorge National Partk.
  • Hiking up to 3.1 kilometers and take a rest for lunch.
  • Having hot cooking with locally grown food in nature environmnet.ecological guide about Swallo Grotto.
  • Way down to trailhead and continue
  • You probably don't know about little Zhuilu old trail before we lead you to.
  • Return to Hualien City about pm4:00~5:00


Swallo Grotto (0K) – Zhuilu Old Trail (3.1K)– Swallo Grotto (0K) – Little Zhuilu Old Trail



  • Trasprotation from Hualien City to Swallo Grotto.
  • Two permits from National Park and Police organization.
  • Hot cooking lunch with locally grown food in nature environmnet.
  • Experienced and professional guide.



Please prepare hiking equipments which you need,
ex: backpack, clothes, shoses, etc. and including raincoat or unbrella.


 Refer to Video about this tour : https://youtu.be/MZN0Gj1co2o

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