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I have stayed in Hualien just 3 days. I should stay longer I mean it. I had so much fun there, more than I expected. Let me record what I have enjoyed, here we go.

It was heavy rain when I was going to take a train to Hualien from Taipei. I have very concerned, because no one likes to travel nowhere but payied. Luckily, the rain stoped after I arrived. I met my European and Asia friends at night market and shared many delicious food together.

The first day morning, the weather seems good. My friends and I participated 2 day tour to Golden Waterfall. My Asia friend said that is top 1 of must do in Hualien. The outdoor company showed many equipments that we have never seen. It's very convinent that we don't have to prepare so many things but get a lot of protection. The most suprising me was the scenery of canyon is incredible beautiful. We started from simple to advanced. We went swimming and diving in super clear deep pools, and then did river tracing against flows to go upper of river. At night, we had wild camping beside the river in the canyon. Dinner was super delicious BBQ with local growth foods. 


The second day, we reached the waterfall which has 3 tiers. The second tier spent us much time to get through it, since it was the most difficlt part. Finally, we still taste the fantistic sweet success when we seen the 3rd tier of waterfall. I don't want to decribe how it looks like, because it really took me a lot of energy to get there. So, you guys should go and take a look by yourself, heyhey! The way return to city became easier, jumping down of the waterfall, diving, swimming, flowing on the river until we got back to parking lot. The outdoor company took all photos for us, since we were really busy in the water.


The third day morning, I felt my arms and legs became not mine. So, my friends and I decided to have a very lazy day in Hualien City. We took a tour bus around Taroko Gorge for taking some signtseeing photos. And I think I don't need to mention how difficlt to buy a express train ticket on weekend in Hualien. Please remember to buy it early.

This is the first time I write a blog here, hope I can find a way to upload photos. I did not see any one mention about outdoor activities of Hualien, that's way I must writing it. If you need more information about outdoor activities, you may refer to their facebook(, they serve in Mandarin, English, a little Cantonese and Thai.


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