An nature hot spring pool builded by one hundred years ago, in deep of valley and surround by high mountains. During the Japanes accupation, the forest resources here were very rich, even now, it still has largely remained undamaged and unharmed by man. Because the Hot Springs are close to a river, the spring waters have formed an extremely spectacular hot springs river and turn the color of river to beautiful Tiffny Blue, reputedly of over 300 meters in length. This secret spot is also the only carbonate hot springs in the whole of Taiwan. The hot spring water temperature is about 45 degree, very comfortable. Way to Wanrong wild stream hot spring, you need to cross river several times, and climb through many huge rocks, then climb cliffs to reach hot spring pool in a historic cave.


  • One day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • In-depth experience of Taiwan nature.
  • Best outdoor activity in Winter and early Spring.

Departure & Return

  • Pick up in Hualien City about am9:00
  • Return to Hualien City about pm5:00


  • Trasportation from Hualien City to entry of wild stream.
  • Professional hiking and river tracing guide
  • Insurance of outdoor activity
  • Helmet, Wet suit, Life Jacket, Wading shoes, Waterprof bag, Rope, and Necessary Equipments
  • Meals: Local growth food lunch​​​​​​​





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