In Winter and early Spring, enjoy wild stream hot spring is the best way to experience nature in Taiwan. Must visit the most beautiful hot spring of Taiwan, Lisong hot spring, where in a narrow canyon in Taitung area. Hiking 1.7 Kilometers from altitude of 1,546 meters down to 1,075 meters with not only two feet but also two hands to pull the rope. The trail is almost straight down just like testing your muscular endurance. It's worth when you see the stunny color rock wall show up. It's a waterfall type of hot spring differ as other hot spring, the hot water come out from 10 meters tall cliffs and mix with wild stream water partly. But you have to across cold stream, before enjoy the water temperature 45~65 degree warm water, best experience of hot spring ever. 



  • Two day tour escape from crowd to nature.
  • In-depth experience of Taiwan nature.
  • Camping near wild stream, you may see beautiful view from open tent when you wake up.

Departure & Return

Two day tour :

  • Pick up in Chihshang train station about am10:00 on Day1
  • Return to Hualien City about pm2:00 on Day2

One day tour :

  • Pick up in Chihshang train station about am10:00
  • Return to Chihshang train station about pm6:00


  • Trasportation from Chihshang train station to entry of wild stream
  • Professional hiking and river tracing guide
  • Insurance of outdoor activity
  • Helmet, Life Jacket, Rope, Tent, Sleeping bags, Cooking utensils, and Necessary Equipments
  • Meals: Lunch+BBQ Diner on Day1, Breakfast on Day2




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